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Charles George has been owned and managed by the same family since its founding in 1959. Beginning with Charles George, the company was mainly a transportation and trucking business. The second generation, led by Karen George, continued to build and expand the business by focusing on trash removal with an on-time delivery and pick-up focus that became the basis of the company’s superior Customer Service orientation. As a result of Karen’s leadership, Charles George is SOMWBA (State Office of Minority and Women Owned Business Assistance)-certified.

Today, the family’s third generation, which is led by Christopher and Michael Karras, has strategically transformed the company into a full-service waste stream management business with a strong emphasis on protecting the environment. Growing up around a family-owned and managed business taught Chris and Mike the importance of hard work, good employees and excellent customer service. As Co-Presidents, Chris and Mike direct the company and manage the day-to-day operations. Working closely with their Board of Directors, they have been able to broaden the company’s services to not only include transportation and trash removal, but also an array of waste management, sorting and recycling services.

As a full-service waste stream management company, Charles George proudly offers its customers green and sustainable solutions designed to dramatically lessen any adverse impact on the environment. The company has also taken all of the necessary steps to become certified as a LEED management business, which follows a prescribed method to assist building owners to responsibly manage and sustain the waste associated with institutions and large buildings.

By purchasing and operating the AKS recycling facility in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, Charles George has become one of the few independent waste disposal firms to manage the complete waste process, from site removal to sorting, disposal and recycling. Both Chris and Mike are committed to providing the tools necessary to meet Federal and State requirements, and to finding sustainable and green solutions to the waste disposal issues facing their customers.